An Introduction:

We set out to create a collection of singular flexible-stay residences with more than a business plan and blueprints in hand. We began with three words: comfort, place, and enlightenment. These are the principles that have defined and guided us from day one in our quest to provide distinctive experiences for today’s global nomads with sophisticated tastes.

ROOST’s new generation of apartment hotels are as soulful as they are original. While each location has a quality all its own, ROOST Apartment Hotels are defined by comfortably elegant design choices and a passion to connect and engage every guest. This collection has been crafted with relentless attention to detail, where everything matters.

Our greatest aspiration is to create an environment where our guests needs are met, but more importantly where they are inspired to engage and embrace their new situation and surroundings.

We are excited to launch our first apartment hotel in Philadelphia and we hope you’ll be among the first to experience ROOST.


 Randall Cook & David Grasso

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