Coffee Program

The ROOST coffee program allows you to start your day off easier (and in style) with La Colombe Coffee. We handpicked some of the best products available for you to have a great morning experience that will change the way you enjoy coffee.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please email: for a private demonstration. 

How it works:

6 cup Chemex Coffee Maker
(30 grams of coffee / 450 grams of water = 1/15 ratio)

  • 1 Measure approximately 30 grams of coffee beans. Set your grind at 18. Grind beans to a coarse sand consistency.
  • 2 Insert filter into the Chemex with 3 folds facing the spout. Dampen filter and pre-heat brewer with warm water. Allow water to drain completely.
  • 3 With filter in place, pour water out. Add coffee to filter and give gentle shake to even out grounds.
  • 4 Place Chemex on scale, tare to zero and start timer.
  • 5 Pour in 50 grams water to saturate the grounds and let bloom for 30 seconds.
  • 6 Slowly add water in two stages, pouring in a circular motion to soak evenly: STAGE A: 200 grams at 30 seconds
    STAGE B: 200 grams at 1:10
    TOTAL WATER AMOUNT: 450 grams
  • 7 Once the water has completely drained, remove filter, swirl the Chemex, pour and enjoy

What you Get:


CHEMEX Coffee Maker
Bonavita® Electric Kettle
Baratza Virtuoso Grinder
CHEMEX Coffee Filters
Hario Drip Scale